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Encapsulated Palm Free Cocoa - the Top has arrived!

New products
2/3 Olio di Palma

The launch of the new product: DOLCESOFT COCOA TOP is a cocoa butter encapsulated dusting cocoa that meets the needs of the most careful food industry.

Dedicated to the companies that use fat encapsulated dusting products in order to make their products waterproof and resistant in time: from today they can offer a product that meets the needs of those looking for foods free from palm oil.

The reasons for this requirement may be different, but they all lead towards the search for health and respect for nature. Among these there could be intolerances, the high content of saturated fatty acids in tropical oils or the deforestation of the Tropical Rainforest, resulting in the loss of biodiversity. In either case, we all have the right to be informed and to choose what is best for us and how we want to live in this world.

Hence, therefore, why we collect the food industry’s different needs and guarantee, for those who want it, not just the absence of hydrogenated fats but also the absence of products derived from palm trees.

The cocoa powder used to start with is of an excellent quality and our microencapsulation technology completes the work in order to provide what is missing from the market. This, like many other products.