Natural food preservatives manufacturers for the food industry

We are ITA 3 S.r.l. 

ITA began with its founding in the 80s and grew up with its second generation of the family.We are chemists, food technologists, clerks and factory workers that love working here.

We have been working for thirty years in order supporting the shelf life of the great Italian food industry products and we have lived in first person the change of the food sector which made us understand that the less it is chemical, the more is real!

We do not resell third-party ingredients or simple commodities, but produce us our own nature-based products for food industry, as it is more important selecting and researching instead of manipulating the raw material.

We enjoy working. That's why, if we tell you that we carefully follow our production and your products, you should believe us.

ITA FOOD IMPROVERS® is a registered trademark.

It identifies our natural preservatives for food industry: ITA 3 S.r.l. original ingredients to improve the shelf life of food.
It guarantees their uniqueness, origin, quality and production within our factory.

What we create

Nature-based technological ingredients for the long-life industrial food production.


We are natural food preservatives manufacturers. 

Production lines

  1. natural antioxidants;
  2. natural mold inhibitor for food
  3. antistaling agents and aromatic shelf-life extender;
  4. vegetable protein powders;
  5. polishing and anti-sticking agents;
  6. micro-encapsulated powders for industrial dusting (sugar and cocoa).


All our products for food preservatives are gluten-free; our company is gluten-free since its founding!
We use only natural raw materials for natural ingredients and we don’t produce chemical food additives with E numbers.
We formulated our products without allergens and we own the Organic Certification.

The founder

Dr. Luigi Caldera is a food chemist who has worked from the 60s in the historic Italian food industry as an R & D .
Thanks to his experience , he founded ITA in the 80s and has followed the evolution of the food industry up to now .
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We are in the highest level of the food sector in the world and the compliance to the strict Italian laws on food safety protection strongly protects our and our suppliers' standards and quality.

The food Industry

We produce our technological ingredients for the food industry starting from the knowledge of the strict industrial process standards that lead us to offer you high-volume supplies.

The challenge of Preservation

In our industry, providing ingredients to improve the quality standards of industrial food production is not the only challenge; maintaining them during a long storage is our ultimate goal.