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Natural shelf life extenders for bakery, pastry and desserts? They are surely Made in ITA!

Food solutions
conservanti naturali per dolci

A few years ago we decided to produce only natural shelf life extenders - natural ingredients that are used in recipes to achieve a specific goal, such as prolonging the life of baked goods, pastries or desserts - or preserving their appearance longer. We took the opportunity to eliminate the chemical components of traditional food preservatives and life extensions and we focused on the products that you can find on our website and you can only buy from us. What a golden opportunity!

DOLCESOFT CACAO is the gluten-free microencapsulated cocoa used from the food industry for sparkling the surface of the fresh or frozen industrial tiramisu and desserts. It contains neither palm oil nor hydrogenated fats and preserve the good appearance of the industrial desserts up to 12 months. Indeed it ensures that the products are not damaged even if the cold chain is broken and prevent from the development of moulds on the products if the cocoa gets wet. The raw materials are all-natural and free from allergens. We have been the first to produce it free from palm fats because we developed a unique technique to encapsulate the cocoa grains.

We use the same encapsulation technique in order to make the gluten-free powdered sugar waterproof. The result is DOLCESOFT BIANCO, which is commonly known as water-repellent sugar or powdered sugar. This very special powder sugar maintains the appearance of the industrial fresh and frozen pastries that must be white and sugary for a long time. It is used for donuts, brioches, sweet snacks, cakes, slices and every kind of packaged or frozen sweet that must not disappoint the consumer that imagines finding its donuts or cake with an abundant sprinkle of sugar.

VEGAMIX is a new of this year that amazes also us for its versatility. Indeed, at the beginning this ingredient was used only for the salty baked goods. This very efficient ingredient combines the features of the powder vegetable proteins with those of the vegetables fibres in order to keep the softness of the baked products, (the humectant effect comes from the fact that the VEGAMIX helps the water to stay in the product avoiding a leak) and maintain the structure of the gluten-free and vegan sweets whose correct conservation is endangered because of the absence of animal proteins and protein structure. VEGAMIX is a completely vegetal, natural and organic ingredient in all the varieties.

The amazing (sorry for this enthusiasm but we are in love with this product and who uses it can agree with this statement) natural antioxidant oilVITAOIL, which it is formulated by us, prevents the changes in taste and colour of the food fats, even though they undergo cooking. Preventing the fats from going rancid, the freshness of the pastries with a high content of fats is preserved for a longer time! Just imagine the shortcrust pastry, biscuits and pandoro that would rapidly go rancid and change the color every time the temperature increase. And this is not the only thing - VITAOIL is the ideal natural antioxidant for the sweets because is tasteless and easily melts in the fats… and we know that the fats are the things that make your sweets special!

All in all if you want to preserve the softness of your sweets and protect them from possible molds, you just have to try COMPLESSO LIMONE – the special ingredient of a lot of industrial sweets. This substance has a balanced humectant and aromatic effect and, at the same time, COMPLESSO LIMONE prevents also the development of the microorganism that can compromise your baked goods, thanks to its ability to control the water activity. Indeed when the free water is not firmly tied with the dough, it may migrate to the surface of your product creating the ideal conditions for the mold growth. So this amazing aromatic natural-based ingredient can both prevent the mold from growing and preserve the softness of your products extending the shelf-life.

We ask sorry for the long story, but it was our job to give you an overall idea.

As usual, thank you for your kind attention.